3 Girls

I’m pregnant again. And it’s another girl. A third girl. Yay. I always wanted sisters while growing up, so God is blessing me with daughters who have sisters. We had genetic testing done since I’m “old” according to my OB (35) and she’s perfect. After getting the “perfect” diagnosis, I’ve transferred my care from the OB to a midwife at a birthing center, so I’ll be doing the all natural thing again. Last time my labor was so fast I had the baby unassisted at home in the bathroom, so I’m not afraid of much with birth anymore, I guess that’s what happens the more you have kids. I’ve been really sick this pregnancy, more than the last ones. I was on the Whole30 diet before getting pregnant again, but when I became pregnant, all the food on the diet made me want to barf, so it’s been pretty impossible to eat that way. I’m still feeling a lot of food aversions. Salads, raw veggies, lots of meat make me totally sick, which is crazy, since that’s mostly what I ate for 2 months before this. Pregnant women are crazy. Oh, and I’m 14 weeks along now, due in February. The genetic testing enabled us to find out the gender earlier than usual. Amazing they can figure that out with just a blood test.