Hi. You might think I named this blog Mommy Brainiac because I’m highly intelligent. Well, I like to think I’m smart, but I’m probably pretty average. But, quite the opposite, I was searching for a domain along the lines of “Mommy Brain”, which is pretty much that foggy, tired, less-sharp version of my previous self. Obviously someone beat me to that stellar idea, so Mommy Brainiac was the next closest thing. You can expect disorganized storytelling and random personal life events on here in no logical order.

Random facts about me:

  • I am an INTJ who studied music and finance in college
  • I love coffee,┬ásleep and reading
  • I love cooking when I’m not tired, but I don’t like baking anything
  • I have 1 husband and 3 girls (technically 2 + 1 on the way)
  • I hate cold weather (and snow… I’m sorry, I just don’t like it)
  • I don’t like to shop, get my hair or nails done or clean (girly stuff)
  • I love technology and figuring out how things work
  • I find motherhood absolutely exhausting but wouldn’t trade it for anything
  • I’ve started multiple businesses and 1 has been doing well the past 2 years and I’m about to start another one (and keep the one that’s working)!