“Against All Grain” Paleo Meal Plan – Week 1

So, I got Danielle Walker’s “Meals Made Simple” paleo cook book because it had an 8 week meal plan with shopping lists and I like following lists, and need to randomly try new things with cooking, since it gets old.


I decided to buy exactly everything on the week 1 shopping list. (I made a copy of the page from the book instead of ripping it out.) I went to Meijer AND I decided NOT to buy everything organic. With the paleo diet, the most important thing is quality, as organic, local and natural as possible. I do try to eat many things organic, but I just can’t do it all the time as sometimes the prices are ridiculous or they don’t exist in organic at certain stores. So, here was my shopping list and Eva had fun helping me go down the list and search for each item. It was actually a lot of fun for her to help me out. We checked off each item as we found it.


Here is a picture of what I got. I went to Meijer instead of Costco like I usually do, because I didn’t want to buy in bulk. I wanted to buy exactly the amount that was on the list and no more. And they do have a good selection of organic foods as well. I was happy to have only spent $118 for a weeks worth of food. I was surprised. This seems like a lot of food. BUT, then I came home and reviewed the meal plan and found out the plan is only for dinners! I was disappointed, but then felt that this was still a lot of food, and I can do leftovers for lunches, or just eggs or simple stuff for breakfast. I was hoping to not have to think about anything and just follow the list, so was a little sad.


One thing I could not find was pancetta, which is an Italian bacon, so I just bought extra regular uncured bacon instead. A jicama was on the list and that is something I’ve never eaten. It’s a Mexican tuberous root, maybe like a potato? I’m not sure, but we’ll see how it is. Other new foods on the list were a fennel bulb and fish sauce! I’m looking forward to trying a week of “almost” paleo. I know the purists will say it is blasphemy since everything is not completely organic (gasp!), but I did my best.

By the way, I love this simple quote. Give yourself (and others) GRACE: