Potted Herbs


We planted some herbs and lettuce in pots on our modest little porch. We have mint, oregano, dill, chives, basil and romaine leaf lettuce. There is also a random jade tree that I put out there and am hoping does alright in the warm weather since it’s always been inside. Eva loves going out there and watering her “purple flower” (petunia), which was a gift from Grandma. As you can see, the builder has not done a thing to the landscaping, so the outside of our condo looks a little deserted, but it should be nice whenever they decide to add grass and bushes or whatever else they will do. We can use the porch door as a front door and come in that way, which is convenient. Eva loves this porch and uses her table out here all the time and brings out her toys and art projects. She is really good about not messing with the plants, she doesn’t play in the dirt or do anything with them unless I ask her to help. She does ask about 10 times a day to water her purple flower and I try to explain that once a day is probably sufficient, but she’s still trying to understand that.

New Fan

We had a fan installed in the living room where there previously was just a light bulb sticking out of the ceiling. We also had dimmer switches put into the 2 bedrooms and above the dining table. The fan is really nice and I’m glad we got it done before summer, so we can be prepared to have more air movement when it’s hot!

new fan (2)

new fan (1)

Condo Tour Part 2!

I finally got around to doing another video tour showing our place with some life in it. There are 4 separate clips. Please ignore my dumb face in the beginning of the first clip, I’m new at this 🙂

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattress Review

We bought some nice new items for our new place. We have saved our money, and we had put money aside to buy our first place and furniture. We did take out a 15 year mortgage (Dave Ramsey style) but we’ve paid cash for everything else and have no other debt. I say all that because I’m sorta embarrassed (just a tiny bit) to admit how expensive this mattress was. I have never bought a mattress before, only slept on freebies or second-hand beds. This was so worth it for the sake of our health and our backs. We bought a king sized Essentia Classic 8 mattress. Essentia is the only company who has created a natural memory foam. Apparently, from my limited understanding of mattresses, memory foam is the best type of mattress for your back, but usually it is made with harmful chemicals. I’m all about limiting the amount of chemical exposure my family has during my lifetime, so buying a healthier bed was a priority since we spend 8 hours a night sleeping on it and inhaling whatever it’s made of.

This bed is so comfortable. I feel like I wake up in the same position that I fall asleep in, which seems sorta weird if not impossible, but I have no memory of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable like before. If Danail moves in bed, I don’t even feel him and am not bothered by his movements, which I definitely was in our previous box spring mattress. We bought it during their Christmas sale so we actually saved $1,000 and got 2 free natural memory foam pillows. Yay. The pillows look really small compared to our previous huge feather pillows but they feel amazing. I only use the small pillow. Before, I used to use a regular pillow plus the huge feather pillow because it would always flatten out and I’d have to smash it into some form of comfortable position. (My chiropractor has since told me that feather pillows are the worst possible pillow you could use. Who knew?) I have the feather pillows still on the bed, but totally just for show, since I had 2 king size pillow shams and needed to put them on something. But, I throw them on the floor and only use the small memory foam pillow and it’s great.






We bought a lesser expensive slatted bed frame, which I really like. It was easy for Danail and my dad to put together and is very solid and simple. The mattress has a 20 year warranty but I’ve read will probably last 30 years. You never have to rotate or flip it. It comes with a nice (striped) organic cotton cover that zips off for cleaning. The pillows have the same cover. I totally recommend this bed for an investment into your overall health and health of your back. 

Full Fridge & Lots of Tea

We have a full fridge for the first time since moving. It’s mostly because my mother-in-law is coming to visit for 10 days, so we did a bunch of shopping. I love this refrigerator. I also love that Eva cannot open it as she could with the fridge at our last place! The doors are heavy and even when I open it, I have to remember to slowly open the door or they swing really hard and almost knock me over.



I also have realized that I’m a little obsessed with tea. I have an entire (almost entire) drawer filled with tea. Maybe it’s because I’m cold all the time and I just want to drink something hot. I gave up coffee a while ago. Well, I’ve given it up a few times, but this time has been the longest and I don’t really miss it anymore. I do have some organic decaf coffee beans in the back of this drawer, and I have a french press, but I don’t have a grinder, so that doesn’t help! I still will drink decaf coffee every once in a while if I ever get a grinder, but since being pregnant, it doesn’t interest me much and I usually drink green tea or red raspberry leaf tea, which is great for the uterus 🙂



Those pretty bird napkins I found at World Market and I really like them and might get some more. They are cute, but they also actually work. It’s annoying to have a napkin that just repels water, so these actually are useful. I also love this tea kettle and I have been using it multiple times a day.

Dining Table

We had our new dining table and chairs delivered last week. We were eating on a borrowed fold-up table and folding chairs for a week, so it’s amazing to have a real table! I love this one because it is adjustable. We can keep it small when it’s just the 3 of us, then expand it to sit 6-8 people.

table1      table2



We don’t have a dining room, just an area for a table next to the kitchen and it is a carpeted area, so I’ve had trouble figuring out how to protect the carpet from my little 2 year old while eating. I found this cheap table cloth to protect the table that is cute, and is even eco-friendly and PVC-free, called PEVA. Then I put a blanket down over the wooden chair and then sat her booster seat on top of it. We have a different booster seat that straps onto the chair, but I was worried it would damage the chair by being tightened around it all the time, and she does great in this booster seat, so I prefer this one. We have since put down an ugly area rug under her chair to protect from food droppings. Not sure if we’ll keep it that way or find something better.

As long as we have a toddler, we probably won’t see the top of the table very much, but that’s okay. It’s a nice quality table so we’ll probably have it forever or at least a really long time 🙂


So excited to be moving! We have not slept at our new place yet. I’ve brought over all kitchen items and mostly set up the kitchen. We bought some new furniture this weekend! A wood dining table and four chairs and the most comfortable couch in the world. We sat on this couch and I thought, this is exactly what I want to lay on when 9 months pregnant. It is so comfortable and plush. The table will not be delivered until February and the couch will take 4-6 weeks.

Today I called to set up the internet, since I can’t work without the internet, since I work from home. I won’t have a desk for a while but I should be fine with my laptop at the table until we get a desk. (We’ll be using a folding table and folding chairs borrowed from my parents until we get our dining table.) We might try to finish moving tonight and start sleeping there, but we’ll see how that works out. I’m having so much fun setting up our new home! I’ll be doing updates later as I have a lot of work to do today!

New Condo Video Tour

We Are Homeowners!

The past few days have been a whirlwind. On Tuesday, we signed paperwork for an hour or so, and then were given the keys to our new condo! We had packed the car up before going to the closing, so afterwards we went to our new home and dropped off a bunch of boxes. We do not have any time limit with moving out of our current place, so we will probably take a week or so to actually move everything in and start sleeping there. I did a video tour of the place before unpacking anything so I’ll try to upload that and maybe I’ll do another one after I set up house. Eva ran around the place and yelled because she heard her voice echo and it was the coolest thing ever. She then found her toys in some boxes and spread them all over the living room and then she watched Bambi on the laptop. I’m hoping we can get a table this weekend and maybe put together our bed frame while we wait for our mattress to arrive.

Condo is Finished!

We did a walk-through of our brand new condo today! It is mostly complete inside, but they will be working on the landscaping and outside things until the spring. I really like it! I like it more than I thought I would. We chose all the colors, cabinets, flooring, counter-tops, and appliances but I wasn’t sure how it would really look all together, but I really like it! I will try to do a video-tour of the place sometime this week to show everybody. I love that we’re going to live in a brand new place. Everything is updated and in perfect condition. I love our appliances! I love the fridge and I’m glad we did the updates we did with the sink and other things. It’s not a big place, but it feels open and definitely sufficient for us. Our bedroom seemed bigger than I remembered from the model we looked at. I’ll definitely be able to fit our king-sized bed and a desk/office area in the room, so I’m very excited about that. I wasn’t sure where I was going to set up my office area.

Our bed frame should be delivered this week but our mattress might take another week or two. We ordered this bed frame from overstock.com. We decided to go with a less expensive frame, since we bought an expensive mattress. I liked that this one was solid wood with slats, simple and sorta minimalist style, no headboard or anything sticking out. I was looking at storage beds but they seemed too bulky and I didn’t think I’d like what they looked like and now I’m glad we went with this because I feel the condo has more storage than I was remembering.

I also bought this quilt from overstock.com and it just came today. I like green and white and I thought, from the photo online, that it was green with white flowers on one side and totally white on the other, so that’s why I got it so I could have the option of all white bedding, but I see now that it is not completely white on the other side, it is still a green and white design. But, that’s okay, I’ll see how it looks on the bed, should be alright. This is the first time I’ve ordered from overstock.com and they had some great prices on bedding as well as furniture.



We also bought this inflatable mattress for Danail’s mom to use when she comes to visit in February from Spain. We might also use it the next week or so before our mattress comes. I hope we can set up house by the time she comes! She arrives on February 1st. That will be a fun visit. She might have the whole living room to herself because I don’t know if we’ll get a sofa by then since I’m mostly focused on getting our bed put together and setting up the kitchen.