The worst blogger on earth

I’m pretty sure I’m the worst blogger on earth, because I never blog consistently, and when I do, it’s always about something on a polar opposite scale of the last thing I talked about, (sigh), but that’s how my brain works, too many ideas in all different directions and it’s definitely worse after having kids 🙂 I changed my URL from my name and moved everything to this new domain:, which you are on right now. It looks like I’m trying to insinuate that I am highly intelligent, but I actually was looking for a name along the lines of the opposite of that thought: Mommy Brain, which is foggy, slow and almost dim witted, which is how I feel a lot of the times after having children. So, Mommy Brain was not available, but this was the next best thing. I changed my domain because I’m using another business website that has my name in it, and the last thing I want is a client to accidentally put in my and start reading my very unprofessional blabber mouth blog and be like, what?! this is the person I hired?

So, that’s what’s up with that.

A Letter to My Girls, Age 4 and 18 Months

Eva is 4 and Gracie is 18 months.

You are both so little, but growing so fast, right before my eyes.

I am so proud of you Eva! We recently made a big move to Texas and you started at a brand new preschool. It was hard for you, because you had 3 very best friends at your old school, and you had to leave them and start over in a new place. But, you are doing so well! You’ve met new friends and are slowly making your way. Slow and steady wins the race! Keep being consistent. I love how you love things and are excited about life!

Gracie is saying so many words and sentences! You make funny faces and love to dance. I recently weaned you from nursing and you were totally cool about it! It was dreading it, thinking it would be hard, but you’re getting so big and it was all okay! You are no longer a baby, but a fast moving toddler, ready for a new adventure every day.