Mothering 2 Girls is Hard & An Update on the Business

I’ve been MIA for 4 months, so thought I’d check in. Mothering 2 girls is really hard. At least for me. I feel overwhelmed a lot. I think it’s the noise. When I hear a baby yelling plus a 3 year old talking non-stop at the same time, my brain partly shuts down. I’m sure it’s my personality combined with being with 2 children 24-hours a day non-stop every day. Brain fog, bad memory, don’t know what day it is. Anyway, all the pain is worth it, on to the good stuff.

Grace is 11 months old, how did that happen? She was a very easy baby, usually relaxed, but now that she’s almost walking and very active, she’s very verbal, into everything, loves non-stop attention. I love my girls more than anything. They are amazingly beautiful, smart and happy. We just were in Spain for 2 weeks and strangers were always coming up to us or them and saying how beautiful they were and asking their names. Very sweet. Spanish people are so kind and generous. It was hard traveling with 2 young kids, but such great memories were made. I can’t wait to do it again.

Our business we started 4 months ago is doing great and just keeps growing. I want to blog more about the business, so that I can remember and look back, and perhaps to help others who want to work from home and create a real business that can scale without adding more hours to the day. Right now we sell 1 product in our e-commerce store and on Amazon. The goal is to create a line of complimentary products in our brand. We have our 2nd product in production. It’s a private label product which means after months of research and learning about this business model, I found a manufacturer who creates this product for me, designs a package and label with our brand, and ships it directly to our fulfillment center. I never have to see the product, or deal with any orders or shipping. With the first order, I do need to see it to make sure it’s of the quality I want, etc., but after confirming that the product is to my specifications, all future orders can be directly shipped from manufacturer to distribution center. Removing the work of fulfillment and shipping is just amazing. We ran this business from our smart phone in Spain while on vacation. It is the dream business so far.

I won’t share the product that we sell on here, because private label e-commerce has become a competitive environment online and even though we’re not creating new products out of thin air, we are selling something that already exists and we have worked hard to make our brand different, better, higher value, or have some slight difference that attracts our market to us and others might just want to copy this exact idea. If you know me in person then you already know what I sell and I’m happy to talk to any real-life friends or family about it, I just won’t publish it publicly online.

I want to talk about the money because that’s the point of a business, to make money. We started with a business account with $5,000 in it. That was our initial investment and we’ve had all profit and expenses go in and out of that and so far have not invested anything further, which is great. I want this to be a separate business entity. Obviously we made an initial investment, but I don’t want to pour my life savings into something and not know when it’s going to start making me money, so we made it separate from the start so it could live and die on it’s own and eventually I’ll take an income from it.

Our product sold an average of 13 a day the last 30 days. Our highest sales day was 31 units. Here’s a shot of our last 30 days of sales. Our profit after expenses was around $3,000 for the last 30 days, which is awesome for 1 product. We hope to duplicate that with the next.


So far, most profit is going back into the business in order to scale and expand. I decided just this month to take out only $500 a month, which will cover Eva’s part-time preschool starting in the fall.

The challenge now is balancing being a full-time stay at home mother to 2 amazing girls, and running a business that can easily scale. I have lists of ideas and leads for other products, but I have to be disciplined to not be absorbed by it. I can’t fulfill every good idea. Start with one and then go to the next.