The worst blogger on earth

I’m pretty sure I’m the worst blogger on earth, because I never blog consistently, and when I do, it’s always about something on a polar opposite scale of the last thing I talked about, (sigh), but that’s how my brain works, too many ideas in all different directions and it’s definitely worse after having kids 🙂 I changed my URL from my name and moved everything to this new domain:, which you are on right now. It looks like I’m trying to insinuate that I am highly intelligent, but I actually was looking for a name along the lines of the opposite of that thought: Mommy Brain, which is foggy, slow and almost dim witted, which is how I feel a lot of the times after having children. So, Mommy Brain was not available, but this was the next best thing. I changed my domain because I’m using another business website that has my name in it, and the last thing I want is a client to accidentally put in my and start reading my very unprofessional blabber mouth blog and be like, what?! this is the person I hired?

So, that’s what’s up with that.